CASE STUDY Wildlife pondcambridge university

Case Study: Wildlife pond build, Cambridge University

We were contacted by Cambridge University with a brief to build a wildlife pond on an existing lawned area. The idea of this pond, as well as providing an attractive feature, was to attract wildlife, particularly birds, which this kind of pond will always do.

We were given a window of 3 days in which to carry out the job and to ensure that the surrounding area was left in perfect condition, also that the pond had to look like it had been there for many years as the President of the college had a garden party arranged at the end of the week.

We began by stripping off the turf to mark out the boundaries of the pond. This turf was then put aside.

An 8 tonne, long reach digger was then used to dig out the pond and to create shelves for marginal plants. We used a laser level to ensure that the edge of the pond was a consistent level so that there was no chance of the pond liner being visible in any one place one the pond was filled. The finer details were finished off by hand.

A bank was built close to one side of the pond to be used as a natural seating area but also to ensure that no run off from the sloping lawn would make it into the pond.

Excess earth was removed from site and the turf was then re-layed on the bank.

A high quality underlay was used as a first layer followed by an EPDM liner (the updated version of butyl). Turf was then re-layed around the pond to cover the edges of the liner.

Finally the pond was filled and stocked with a number of young marginal plants.

This job was completed in time and below budget.

‘Thank you so much, the college president will be delighted’.  College administrator and project manager.

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