Ponds A wide range of pond services

As well as our aquarium products, we also provide a comprehensive range of pond services, including maintenance and installation. Most ponds need some servicing at least once a year, and we offer a range of options depending on your specific needs.We also provide other options than those listed below, so if there are any services you require that you cannot see, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Clean out filter system and pump, check all hose connections, replace u.v. bulb if necessary, vacuum pond to remove some sludge and debris.

As basic, plus drain out all water into our transportable pond, transfer fish to transportable pond, remove all sludge and debris from the bottom of your pond. Once the pond is completely cleared out, then replace water and fish, add conditioned tap water to top up.

We can fit liners or pre formed fibreglass ponds, install pumps and filter systems, u.v.s, fountains and water features. Normally it is more economical if the pond is already dug prior to our installing the pond, although we can also provide this service depending on your location.

Replacement filter sponges and media, water testing, clearing out of overgrown plants, removal and treatment of blanket weed and other algae, pressure washing of pond liners and walls, fitting of new equipment such as pumps, fountains, lights etc.

We also build decking structures and piers alongside ponds to allow you to get closer to the water, enhancing your enjoyment of your fish.