Custom Fish Tank Installation & Maintenance Questions

Should I choose a tropical or a marine aquarium?

If you are looking for an amazing feature for your home or business but don’t have a preference then we would normally recommend a tropical aquarium as the set up costs are a lot less and maintenance is required less often. We have supplied many tropical aquariums with a marine theme which look very effective. If you definitely want a marine aquarium then of course we can supply and install this.

How long will it take you to install my bespoke aquarium?

Typically it just takes a few hours. Even when we install a large aquarium and have to build it on site this is normally completed within half a day.

Is there a choice of glass types?

We can use standard or optiwhite float glass. The thickness of the glass we use will depend on the overall dimensions, particularly the height. For example an aquarium of up to 75cm H is made in 12mm glass, 90cm H in 15mm glass and up to 110cm H in 19mm glass.

What is the lead time from order to delivery?

Typically we will deliver your aquarium within 4 weeks of your order.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes we usually need a 50% deposit as all our aquariums are built to order.

When would you build an aquarium on site rather than deliver it?

This depends on access and on the size of the aquarium, in particular the height. Generally any aquarium over 250cm long or above 100cm high is built on site due to its weight and bulk. Having said this, every installation is different so we would consider this during an earlier visit.

How soon after installation will I have fish?

Normally we can begin stocking your aquarium within about 10 days although this is closer to 3 weeks with a built on site aquarium as the silicon needs a couple of weeks to cure before we can fill it.

If I decide to move in the future can you relocate my aquarium?

Yes in most cases, although in the case of a built on site aquarium we would need to consider if this is cost effective as it may need to be dismantled and rebuilt.

How often will my bespoke aquarium need servicing?

Typically we service tropical aquariums every 4-6 weeks , although with some home aquariums we do this as infrequently as 3 monthly with a little work by our customers between visits. Marine aquariums generally need servicing every 2-3 weeks.

Is it easy to service my aquarium myself?

Yes reasonably easy and we can show you the ropes and offer you good advice when we install the aquarium.

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