Bespoke Marine Aquarium [25]


Bespoke Marine Aquarium [25]

This bespoke aquarium in Hertfordshire is one of a number of ‘off the shelf’ style aquariums that we have supplied, although the filter system is anything but ‘off the shelf’.

It was set up in a private clinic as a marine aquarium with soft corals as well as fish.

There is something like 50kg of live rock in the aquarium along with the fish and corals.

This aquarium has a sophisticated, sump based filter system incorporating a calcium reactor, skimmer, fluidised reactor, top up system as well as heater and return pump.

It is lit by T5 lights.

Aquarium maintenance is carried out by the client

500 litres

180cm L x 45cm D x 65cm H

12mm glass

Tropical freshwater

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