Through Wall Marine Aquarium [20]


Through Wall Marine Aquarium [20]

This through wall aquarium was recently installed in a house in Cambridgeshire. The custom built home aquarium was installed and a false wall built in front.

As with most marine aquariums, this is filtered by a sump system which includes the sump itself with pre-filter, an oversized protein skimmer, a uv steriliser, return pump, heater and fluidised reactor for removal of phosphates.

The lighting for the aquarium is blue and white LED which gives a beautiful shimmering light.

Our client has already begun to stock the aquarium, initially with ocean rock and a ‘clean up crew’ of cleaner shrimps and turbo snails. He has now stocked it with a number of clown fish, damsels and tangs, all of which are thriving.

600 litres

195cm L x 45cm D x 70cm H

12mm glass

Tropical freshwater

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