CASE STUDY Build on site aquarium

Case Study: Build on site aquarium

An existing client, Hiscox contacted us as they wanted a fairly large aquarium for their new offices in York. Based on our site survey and the client’s brief it was decided that the aquarium should be 240cm Long and 110cm H in order to look in proportion with the size of the office.This meant an aquarium built in 19mm glass which would weigh in the region of 8-900kg. As the office is on the third floor it was decided to build the aquarium on site.

‘This is one of the best projects I have ever done’. Hiscox project and facilities manager.

Working around our client’s office hours we arrived on site at 4.30pm on the day of installation.

Initially we took the steel stand upstairs in the lift in two sections but the long glass sections had to be carried up manually by 4 men. The job was completed in just under four and a half hours and we were off site by 9pm.

Two weeks later we were able to fill the aquarium and stocking began within another 10 days. The aquarium is now fully stocked with a selection of large cichlids.

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